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Next time you disagree with a co-worker, a neighbor, or your mother-in-law, pat yourself on the back. You’re doing your part to help save humanity.

How Not to Be an Email A$$hole

Yes, it’s 2019. We ping. We snap. We tweet. We deliver knockout client presentations over video chat and then high-five each other on Slack with dancing emoticons, impressed with our 21st-century prowess.

How your “justs” aren’t doing justice to your reputation

“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are — or as we are conditioned to see it.”

Why Everyone Needs a “Badass List” in 2019

Welcome to 2019, friends! I hope you had a chance to celebrate and recharge the past few weeks — the year ahead is bound to be as busy as ever.

Thank U, Next

Does anyone else feel as if 2018 flew by you like a cargo truck on the highway while you were chugging along on a unicycle? The year was, let’s face it, faster and furious(er) than many of us were ready for. The world around us seems to be changing at a frighteningly quick pace, and everyone I know is just trying to keep up.

Incivility Stinks. Here’s What We’re Doing About It.

Here at Fringe PD, we frequently use humor as a teaching method. But with today’s message, I couldn't be more serious.
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